Our projects

Inspired by the children worldwide, we're changing their life on the Web.

Our games are made for audience between ages 6 and 14, but anybody can play.


A fun game with pandas that had originally been made by Sunleaf Studios. We recreated it so everybody can play it again, enjoy the experience and meet new friends on the Internet!


A highly customized game, which resembles Club Penguin, but actually it is way more interesting! We loved the original, so we made Flippr, so you can enjoy more custom and interesting stuff!

    Now Closed


Our games are running on the highest quality hardware, so you can enjoy them without any wait.


We've got some interesting stuff for you to check out on all our projects, so you can be sure you'll have fun there!

Uptime & support

Again, our services are running on the best hardware offered in the market, so you can play 24/7, whenever and wherever you want.

We've got amazing support which is always happy to help you, both in-the game and in an outside support system.

Privacy & security

We respect users privacy, therefore all our projects are secured well and we're prepared for any situation to save your account!

mPandanda Radio

All our projects have our own livestream radio named "mPandanda Radio", which is always airing hits!